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Skills for a successful Software Engineering career

May 18, 2011


Software Engineering is a much sought after profession. It is also a profession where changes are drastic and competition is getting to be very intense world over. In this context, it is interesting to what it takes to have a successful Software Engineering career. As we takes a closer look, it emerges that Software Engineering is a profession that requires multi-dimensional skills for a successful career.
What is obvious are technical skills. These involve programming languages, technologies involved, Software Engineering tools used in the peoject, etc. These vary specific to project, and therefore it is important to have very good technical skills on popular languages, technologies and Software Engineering tools
However, these may help you to get going but in itself are not sufficient. You need to gain domain knowledge as well. For instance, it is important for developers working on a healthcare software to be familiar with healthcare business.
While importance of technical skills and domain knowledge are somewhat clear, there is yet another dimension which may not so obvious but very critical. That is, software development is a teamwork. Work delivered with a good domain knowledge and technology skills get consolidated only when it is complemented with soft skills; it helps to knit together the team and ensure that customer actually gets value delivered. This is largely a greenfield, an area which is not given sufficient attention, in general. There are plenty of ‘generic’ soft skills trainings but these do not help much in reality as it depends heavily on individuals to translate and adapt soft skills to software development business.
Can one acquire technical skills, domain knowledge and soft skills all in one go? That is one of the a unique value proposition of Career Courses offered by ASSIST Academy
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