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Process + People + Tools = Success

May 11, 2011

>Success! A word makes all of us feel comfortable and thrilling.

In the current software development world, unfortunately, it is happening very less. It does not mean that the software development activities that we are doing is waste or without success. There are lots of over runs by means schedule and money. If would like to correct this we should have the right formula in the place.

Right people doing the job with the Right Process using the Right tools. It is very nice to listen. Many a times it is very difficult to follow where we go wrong. We often give undue importance to one of the three elements. Or otherwise, we use to have a blind conviction to be successful with only having one of the three elements. But in the real sense, only a perfect combination of the three can bring success.

Though the software development industry is so matured, still we live with the myth that tools can bring sea of change to the environment. Yes. It is partially true, if it is properly identified and used to automate the right activity in the process. The expectation levels of automation has to be controlled by a real deep look into the tool as well as in the process element (activity) which is getting automated. When we does this, you will come to see, very significantly the methodology behind the tool is more important.

Success is assured only if we are able to choose the right set of process elements, identified activities which can be automated with the right set of tools. Of course, the right set of people enabled with the process and methodology along with every tool and automation.

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